New Year’s Eve, An Apology.

Dear Customers,

We at Fortunes Place would like to apologize to our customers who visited our shop on New Year’s Eve.

Despite our best efforts, we were not able to overcome the unprecedented demand this day. We are very sorry for those who had to wait much longer than we had advised.

It was our busiest day not just for the year, but quite possibly the busiest we have ever been. This was far beyond our expectations, especially given the pandemic situation, the weather, and tier 4 restrictions. Even with wait times as long as an hour and a half (the longest we had ever called) we were still overdue by up to another hour on some orders.

We can not express how sorry we are for the delays on those orders. Especially those who had waited in the freezing cold.

Our sincerest apologies,

The Staff at Fortunes Place.