Why don’t you deliver?

In the many years we have run the business, we have never felt the need to have a delivery service. On a busy weekend we operate at full capacity and would not be able accomodate the extra demand. We also feel that it would increase the cost of running the business and our prices would increase as a result, which goes against our policy of providing great value.

Why do we sometimes have to wait so long for our Chinese food?

On a busy weekend we have a full compliment of staff, even so it isn’t unusual for us to operate at maximum capacity.

If you can’t wait for your food then the best thing to do is order during weekdays (Mondays-Thursdays) when we are considerably less busy. If you must order on a weekend we are busiest from 6:30pm-9pm.

It wasn’t too long ago when we had to redesign our kitchen to accommodate the increasing demand. This provided extra cooking stations, more workspace, and a better system for food delivery. However, this method of optimization has been exhausted and further improvement is no longer viable.

I have an allergy to certain ingredients, what can you do for me?

Yes, in some circumstances we can cater for your allergy. However, we would normally use ingredients that may contain the ingredients that you are allergic to, if we need to omit some of these ingredients it may alter the flavour of the dish. It also depends on what you are allergic to, so be sure to call up and ask, and we’ll do everything we can to cater for you.

* Due to trace amounts of certain allergens in the manufacturing processes of the ingredients we use, we may not be able to garuntee that our dishes are completely allergen free.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We currently accept the following forms of payment:

  • Cash
  • Credit Cards (See next question)
  • Cheques *with cheque guarantee card*.

(Please make cheques payable to “Fortune Place Ltd” and not “Fortune‘s Place“)

Unfortunately due to a continuing case of cheque fraud we are no longer accepting cashiers cheques.

Cash can be withdrawn without charge from the cash point in the grocery store nearby. However, on occasion this service can be unavailable when the cash reserves run low. We advise our customers to prepare payment prior to their arrival whenever possible.

Do you accept credit/debit cards?

We are now accepting all major UK debit and credit cards. However, the PDQ machine is relatively slow and usually in high demand, so we advise all our customers to prepare payment before arrival whenever possible. Cash payment is still the fastest way to pay and will help avoid unnecessary queuing and waiting.

There is a cash point in the local grocery store, who also offer cashback.

We are hosting a big event can you provide the food?

Yes we cater for large events. In the past we have provided large orders of fish & chips as well as large quantities of Chinese food for events held at Community Centre events, large parties, and retirement homes.

However, availability depends on:

  1. What day of the week the event is, and at what hours.
  2. The size and quantity of the order.
  3. How soon the event is and our levels of stock.

(Usually large orders are made weeks in advance to ensure that we have the correct levels of stock.)

Are you and The New V&V Chinese Takeaway in the Oval the same people?

Although run by two separate families our two takeaways are affiliated. We have the same chinese menu, and many of the staff there were trained by us.

However, The New V&V does not provide Fish and Chips and serves Chinese Food only. So, if you’re looking for our chinese but are closer to the Oval. Feel free to pop in for the same quality food.

Please contact us for more details.