Fortune’s Place is not your typical takeaway. We specialize in Chinese cuisines as well as authentic traditional fish & chips.

Although Fortune’s Place was established in 2005 to serve the Great Ashby area, we have had the honour of providing our services to the Stevenage community for nearly 20 years. Although we incorporated the business some time ago, we still remain a small family business. If you’ve been here as long as we have then you may know of the owners Tom and Annie from their past ventures, such as The V&V van on Canterbury Way, or Stevenage Fishbar in Bragbury End (which has recently changed hands).

We at Fortune’s Place pride ourselves in providing our best and the most consistent services that we can offer. We have strictly trained numerous specialist staff to adhere to the standards that our customers have become accustomed to, and continue to develop new ways of providing a better service. This is particularly important to us, especially during busy weekends when the kitchen is at maximum capacity and with a full compliment of staff.

We hope you enjoy our food and hope to receive your custom time and time again.

Yours truly,

The people at Fortune’s Place.